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Empty Threats from Kim Jong Un

Earlier this year I brought forward a word from the Lord that declared Kim Jong Un’s nuclear missile tests would prove to be empty threats. There has been some fear regarding the escalation of the North Korean crisis – seeing that President Trump had taken a ‘fight fire with more fire’ policy towards North Korea.
This week North Korea gave the first signs of denuclearization as an option in negotiating a way forward to have UN and US sanctions removed. Talks begin in April this year, with the North Korean President willing to comply with all terms as long as he is guaranteed to stay in power! While this may be the first positive step from the rogue regime, we have yet to see whether the North Korean dictator is complying, or if this is yet another ploy to buy time to keep developing an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile capability in stealth, while having an appearance of compliance. Either way, a calm seems to have settled on the Korean peninsula but the Trump administration will continue its hardline approach nevertheless.

The Lord had shown me that even though the North Koreans have capabilities to do harm, the threats from Kim Jong Un would prove to have no footing, as God’s grace would again prevail in the situation. Many people, including Christians, have criticized President Trump’s approach to North Korea and feared his rhetoric had added to the threats rather than appeasing them. When the Lord gave me this word on January 14th, I knew that his stance would prove to be effective. Remember that this scaling down of the tensions between the US and North Korea speaks to the US – Chinese relations also. China is the only communist superpower left.

Russia’s communism received a gigantic hit when the Berlin Wall fell, opening that nation to the Gospel in a large-scale way. Although the Putin government runs in a dictatorial way, it nevertheless has leaned to democratic and free speech policies since Mikhail Gorbachev – opening the way to the gospel and churches moving into Russia. North Korea may be the “Wall” that needs to fall for the Chinese stronghold of Communism to come down also.

This willingness to negotiate from the North is a result of China’s pressuring the inside, alongside the US’s pressure from the outside — North Korean is now coming to the table.

China’s interest in the South China and Philippine Seas is actually a more contentious issue than the North Korean Peninsula. Taiwan is well in the sights of the Chinese to draw it back into the ‘Mainland’s’ jurisdiction. China has also been swallowing up many coral islands in the bodies of water surrounding Taiwan and the Philippines and using them as airstrips and military bases encroaching on the sea lanes in their pathways. China believes that the islands of contention including Taiwan were originally a part of its original territories before British and American influence had them secede.

With the Lord speaking into the situation and declaring that the threats are empty, we have hope that China and North Korea are about to be impacted by God.

Back in 2011, while ministering in Malaysia, the Lord spoke that the Chinese Government would be changed without a gunshot! I had seen the Church in China finally free to speak and exist without hindrance. Not many could believe the word when I originally delivered it in Malaysia, but this word seems closer to a reality now. The Chinese government has for many years allowed ‘capitalistic’ ideologies to be practiced within its business ethic. Business may be the ‘eye of the needle’ that opens the door to free and democratic elections in the future. God does not need to change the government in China to free the Church, what He needs is the Church outside of China to pray and support the Church inside China. He needs Christian businessmen and businesswomen to ‘do business’ (Gospel Business) in China using Biblical principles.
President Trump’s calling out of China’s manipulation of currency markets and trade practices has begun to put a governmental and economic squeeze on Beijing. A squeeze that the Lord will use to bring China into God’s grace.

Let’s thank the Lord for emptying the threat of nuclear face-offs. As believers we can take courage when we realize that the enemy’s threats are always proven to be empty when we obey the Lord. Finally, the earthly atmosphere is reflecting what God has declared in the heavens above!
Lets continue to make room for the Word of the Lord through His prophets, and by doing so reap the prophet’s reward.
But let us also remain vigilant in continuing to change the spiritual atmosphere in praying for the main players here, the US, Russia and China.
My prayer is that we all hear what the Spirit is saying and open our ears to hear.

Dr Robyn Kassas