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Sep 28 2017

Communion With God Part I.

Apply now to this life changing course. Communionw With God will not only bring you into living a lifestyle of true intimacy with Jesus Christ, but it will teach you how to hear God’s voice clearly.

Communion With God” brings Christians into dialogue with God and teaches them to move beyond rationalism into direct Spirit-to-spirit encounters, and to do so in subjection to the Bible and their pastorate.

Today’s society and the Church are led by rationalism, logic, and analysis. The Spirit of God works with His own rationale, spontaneity and intuition.

This course teaches people to incorporate both the spiritual and rational aspects of prayer, and to become whole minded.

This is achieved by teaching people to cultivate Holy Spirit inspired impressions. Holy Spirit inspired pictures, emotions and intuitions are developed, shaped, refined and matured through the course. People are awakened from rationalism to the intuition and spontaneity of the Holy Spirit. This is developed through awakening people to the knowledge that they are spirit beings and by training them to reach their potential. The course brings people into dialogue with God. Students become more creative, understanding, loving, believing, healed and productive.

Dates: September 28th – December 14th
Course Duration: 12 Weeks
Price : $250

Visit www.soapny.org for more information and to apply now!