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Oct 03 2017

Operating In The Prophetic

This course solidifies the student in operating in the gift of prophecy with a special emphasis on personal prophecy.

Prophecy like every other gift and call of the Holy Spirit must be put into its proper perspective and placement along with other gifts and callings in the Body of Christ. We are to avoid extremes, but not be afraid of our ‘wineskins’ being stretched to the limit.

Operating in the Prophetic encourages participants to better grasp prophecies concerning geographical moves, marriage, healing, business and financial directives, pregnancies, ministry and callings, death and judgments etc. It teaches how to respond to prophecies you may have received but not seen the fulfillment of. The hundreds of students who have taken this course have all testified that this has been one of the most clarifying courses of study concerning prophecy, its operation, reception, and fulfillment.

The teachings in this course make the boundaries concerning personal prophecy clear. We encourage church members and leaders alike to participate because it is a ground breaker regarding the operation of these gifts in the context of a local church!

Those students who have taken the ‘Prophetic Foundations’ course are strongly encouraged to continue through to this course. New students will definitely benefit as this is a proven stand alone course as well.

Course Duration: 10 Weeks
Dates: October 3rd – December 5th
Tuesday’s 7 – 9:30pm
Price: $275
For more information or to apply now, please visit www.soapny.org or email info@soapny.org