I Know Nothing…and that’s OK!

Not knowing. It’s a very scary thought for those of us who like to keep it together. But that’s exactly the thought that Jesus wanted me to face this week.

My pastors and I were discovering some monsters of the deep in me this week as the Holy Spirit was bringing things up during an intense counseling session. I was mortified at my behavior, my thought-process and the consequences of both.

Let’s just say I was not comfortable.

I journaled that night (first time in a long time). The Lord said something very interesting.  “You know nothing.” How could that be? I’ve been a dedicated Christian my whole life. I’ve had more training than anyone I know at my age. I know nothing?

It took a couple of days for the real effect of this ‘knowing nothing’ to present itself. For the first time in a very long time the plank which had been sitting in my eye so long it had grown moss was gone. I was free! I had hope! I did not have to keep anything together. I did not have to have the answer. Someone could have told me I know better than to act the way I did but God had even removed that responsibility.  I Corinthians 2:2 took on a fantastic and uplifting sense of meaning for my life. I understood what Paul meant by “I have resolved to know nothing … except Jesus Christ and him crucified”.

Then my pastors allowed me to review what my knowledge had kept me from understanding the first time I listened to it. Counseled by God – Guilt to Hope. And this time, I felt the power, the change and the life.

All my life I had expected myself to not need teaching because I SHOULD already know by now. But I don’t. I know nothing and that is no longer a scary thought for me. It’s a celebration of the grace and patience of God in my life.

So I encourage you, don’t feel bad cause you don’t know everything. The truth is…your not meant to! Be free in Jesus, and let him teach you about who He truly is. Not just His ways, but His character.

Be Blessed!

Love Bella