Interactive Life Groups

To encourage interaction between fellow members and their friends, TORCC NY conducts meetings during the week known as Interactive Life Groups or ILG’s.  These meetings are usually at the homes of members, spanning the five boroughs of New York.

ILG’s have an atmosphere that is relaxed and homely, and discussions involve various issues ranging from the previous Sunday’s teachings, to current news events.   Sometimes a group may study one teaching topic for extended periods of 6-8weeks.  Groups vary in size from 8-12 people. 

If you’re a longstanding member or just a visitor, this is a great way to come and check out our heart and vision, and meet with members and leaders.  


Our ILG’s meet at various times and locations. To find out more, please contact our team and they will be in touch shortly.

Interactive Life Groups




Change is the law of life. As we pursue the kingdom wholeheartedly together as one body, we begin to see the Holy Spirit change us and our lives our transformed


Cultivating personal relationships requires a willingness to invest of your time and energy without return. We cultivate relationships that are grown in love, grace, faith, and honor.


Interaction is the foundation of action. We want to hear questions, comments, concerns because you don't grow without conversation and conversation is the basis of relationship


We are a community of people from all walks of life, backgrounds, and ages who are experiencing the life but our common thread is Jesus. Sonship is where our identity is found and where our destiny unleashes

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