If you are interested in receiving personal ministry from the TORCC NY Team, please click here

It is our mandate to fully equip the Body of Christ in every area so that they can move in power and be effective in their callings and ministries.

-Ps. Tony Kassas


We are looking for people with a heart for personal ministry that are an active part of the TORCC NY community and vision. Our Personal Ministry Teams serve in our ministry areas of the Prophetic, Freedom/Deliverance, and Healing/Wholeness

*All counseling is only ministered by seasoned and established leaders that have been approved by the Senior Leadership.

**Times of service may vary with each individual ministry and will be discussed in more detail during interview process.

Because we do not take lightly the responsibility of reaching and touching people with the love of God — through the activation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit — we also have regular all team and specific team meetings to strengthen, encourage, and empower each other as we continue to grow into the complete fullness of our callings.

It is our pleasure to come alongside our ministers through hands on practical training and personal mentoring,  so that they can be fully equiped in their ministries. Each of our team members and volunteers are continually being imparted to by our Senior Leadership and team through the following:

[TS-VCSC-Icon-List icon=”ts-awesome-bullhorn” color=”#77707f” icon_size=”50″ margin_right=”40″ font_color=”#474747″ font_size=”22″]Regular Workshops and Seminars[/TS-VCSC-Icon-List][TS-VCSC-Icon-List icon=”ts-awesome-cubes” color=”#77707f” icon_size=”50″ margin_right=”40″ font_color=”#474747″ font_size=”22″]Training Resources[/TS-VCSC-Icon-List][TS-VCSC-Icon-List icon=”ts-awesome-compass” color=”#77707f” icon_size=”50″ margin_right=”40″ font_color=”#474747″ font_size=”22″]Monthly Team Regrouping and Prayer[/TS-VCSC-Icon-List][TS-VCSC-Icon-List icon=”ts-awesome-balance-scale” color=”#77707f” icon_size=”50″ margin_right=”40″ font_color=”#474747″ font_size=”22″]Spiritual Accountability System[/TS-VCSC-Icon-List][TS-VCSC-Icon-List icon=”ts-awesome-bullhorn” color=”#77707f” icon_size=”50″ margin_right=”40″ font_color=”#474747″ font_size=”22″]Regular Workshops and Seminars[/TS-VCSC-Icon-List][TS-VCSC-Icon-List icon=”ts-awesome-bullhorn” color=”#77707f” icon_size=”50″ margin_right=”40″ font_color=”#474747″ font_size=”22″]Direct Ministry Opportunities under the Senior Team[/TS-VCSC-Icon-List]


At this time, TORCC NY does not encourage people to serve without first being members of the church. If you are interested in becoming a member of TORCC NY, please click here

Therefore, so that we can continually walk in integrity, TORCC NY has placed strict guidelines for administering any type of personal ministry in place to keep the Body of Christ accountable and moving in love. If you are interested in serving or volunteering for any of these positions please contact our Director of Ministry for more information.

Below are the basic requirements for SOAP student’s or graduates and/or TORCC NY church members. Once these requirements are met, we have an application and interview process that you may complete in order to be considered for the team.



Church Member (non-SOAP) Requirements:

  • Is an active member of TORCC NY
  • Has completed the Introduction to the Prophetic Class.
  • Has been approved by the Senior Leadership
  • Is an approved Personal Ministry Team member
  • Had Freedom and Deliverance ministered within the last 12 months.

SOAP Student/Alumni Requirements: 

  • Understands the importance of, and is willing to, submit to TORCC NY Leadership and Guidance.
  • Completed any of these prophetic courses: Foundations in the Prophetic, Operating In the Prophetic, Ministering Spiritual Gifts
  • Has satisfactorily ministered in prophetic groups for at least three Dipping Nights.
  • Is an committed member of their church (this will be discussed further upon interview)
  • Has successfully been through our Ministry and Gifting assesment delivered by TORCC NY Leadership.

All team members must go through an application process (using the form below). Approved team members will be notified about allocated serving times during interview process. For more information or any questions please contact our Director of Ministry.