Proper Spiritual and Practical Preparation for an Interview

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Firstly it is a real privilege to share with the saints again in NY and beyond.

Going for an interview – it’s often something we fear and few of us can really say we enjoy it. We pray we won’t freeze in fear or become strangled by nerves as we try to answer difficult questions. We want to say the right things and speak positively about ourselves – which can be difficult because we wonder if we are stretching the truth. Sometimes, we feel we need to stretch the truth in order to be successful.

So how does a Christian prepare for an interview or a job application?

Many of the principles for interviews also apply to preparing your job application. Proper preparation for your job application will greatly enhance your preparation for the interview.

Thorough preparation has a spiritual side and a practical side.You may have all the practical skills and be able to present yourself professionally and confidently, but to be the complete package we need to have strong spiritual character. It will be necessary to withstand the barrage of spiritual challenges and confrontations that come with a new job.

On the other hand, you may feel you have the spiritual character but lack the practical skills and aptitude.

True spirituality is true practicality. Jesus had both. He was a carpenter (I say a very good carpenter) and the greatest minister ever to walk the earth. We too can walk spiritually and practically if we do as He did.

Remember: the more effort you put into your preparation (practical and spiritual) the easier your interview will be.

Let’s start with 5 practical tips to master our preparation:


1. Research – make it personal and thorough. Talk to people directly about the job. Research the job, the company, the people, the industry and competitors.

2. Know your skills, experiences and qualifications. Write these down so you can draw from them and build on them.

3. Practice responding to interview questions with a friend or colleague and learn how to give complete answers.

4. Customise and personalise your experience to show you understand the requirements and you are well-suited, capable, confident and competent for the job.

5. The interview – arrive early, be ready and organised. Relax into the interview and build your confidence. Be positive (not apologetic) and communicate clearly.


Now 5 spiritual tips to complete our preparation for an interview:

1. Spend time with Jesus. His presence will prepare you.

2. Let God take you as you are. He will lead you one step at a time into your next vocation and journey of your life.

3. Recognise God is a God of promotion. Your desire for promotion comes from God so let Him fulfil it.

4. Be as full and wholesome a Christian as you know how and be well established in your church. God’s life will naturally pour out from you and affect every part of your life (including your interview).

5. See yourself through God’s eyes then agree with what He says about you and work from that.

Remember Jesus’s type of spirituality led Him to connect and engage with people. We too can connect and engage in the interview and even in our workplace.

You can leave the interview with a memorable experience if you choose to be who God created you to be and let Him express Himself through you.

Regardless of how the interview goes, walk away positive and thankful for the experience. The rest is up to God.


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