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If you’re coming to TORCC NY for the first time, you may wonder what to expect. 

Please feel free to check out the information below on what you can expect in visiting with us.

One of the many ways to connect with our church is to come and experience our worship services on Sundays.

The service is a good way to experience what we do and who we are.

Our services are overflowing with the power and presence of God from start to finish. You will experience dynamic worship married with the fivefold gifting; which will collide Heaven with your atmosphere. Our gatherings are geared to allow people to experience the presence of God in a real and tangible way.  Because of this, The Holy Spirit makes His presence known through many gifts.  We recognize that He has distributed these gift to the members of the Church, who in turn will exercise them with discretion and sensitivity under the guiding of our leadership. 

By witnessing the supernatural abilities of God Almighty, you will be assured that the love of God through Christ is REAL!


It is our hope and goal that every person present truly experiences God through the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. 

The Point of Differnce:

While each service is designed to touch everyone in attendance, on occasions God may choose to minister to certain individuals personally.  This type of ministry is designed to further encourage the person that the love of God is real.  

Please take the time to contact us for further information.

Those with specific prayer needs can receive prayer from church members. It is our belief that Jesus is still the Healer today and so we set aside time to lay hands on the sick and pray for them.


Typically, our services start with personal testimonies from the within our body. This is a great way to hear of God’s Goodness, Glory, and Grace and connect the body in rejoicing with one another for personal breakthroughs. This is an element that has been apart of the thread of TORCC NY since the beginning and is a constant reminder of Who our God is and that His Word is forever Faithful.


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We make every effort to avoid religious rigidity and to ensure that each service creates an atmosphere of love and acceptance within the parameters of Biblical truth mixed with grace.  

Service Information

Get To Church

Directions and Transportation


Frequently Asked Questions


Both services are broadcasted and streamed over the internet. You can find out more information here.


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Worship is the means by which every believer in Christ expresses the immeasurable worth of who God is. It’s total intimacy as a child of God connecting with our Heavenly Father.

This expression of worth and communion may be through the vessel of prayer, thanksgiving and praise, channeled through music and art, visual or performing artistry, or a combination of any of these.

Our worship places Jesus Christ at the center of our focus, by allowing His Spirit the liberty to express His Glory and power to His people by invading our atmosphere and colliding Heaven with Earth. TORCC NY worship is unique in the sense that every part is married with the prophetic spirit. Rather than just singing songs, we make declarations and decrees and access not just the song of the Bride but the Song of the Bridegroom. Therefore, prophecy is an integral part of our worship as just in the days of David the psalmist. Our worship team is comprised of professional musicians and composers with a distinctive sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

At TORCC NY, not one service is ever the same as the last!

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Jesus said, “The words I speak to you are spirit and they are life”. John 6:63

Bringing the Scriptures to life by making them applicable in everyday circumstances is what each teaching is structured toward. We avoid ‘heady’ Christianity– where knowledge is merely theoretical. And aim our is Spirit-inspired teachings directly to people’s hearts.

One of the distinctive characteristics of TORCC NY is our strong convictions concerning ‘present truth’ and the use of visual and artistic displays to further bring home each lesson to be learned. Present truth involves the truths in the Bible that for some reason have been overlooked or hidden from the Church, that the Holy Spirit is restoring at the ‘Present’ time! In essence, it is restoration theology, whereby, all that the Church has lost is being fully restored to her, preparing her for marriage with Christ! It’s in this present truth that we see what is being shared from the pulpit relevant for wherever we are in life. Our teachings will fuse the Rhema of the Word to the Logos of the Word, which will activate life and transformation and move you into your destiny!

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At TORCC NY every effort is taken to make available ministry at a personal level to members and visitors.  While this may not be practical for every person at every meeting, as members and visitors continue in their attendance, we have found that people’s needs will be met at any one of the designated gatherings of the church. 

Everyone has past and present circumstances that are affecting their future.  There are designated times when the Lord wants to minister and speak to you and your circumstances.  This is what we deem ‘Personal Ministry’; the Lord has focused His attention and Spirit on the personal needs of an  individual.  

 Personal ministry is not conducted by leaders alone, but TORCC NY deliberately implements its vision of ‘every member a minister’ here.  It is our conviction that each member of the church has distinctive gifts that, with proper preparation and training, allows the members of the Body to minister to themselves and to our visitors in uplifting ways.