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God has made us as visual people. Our Spiritual vision is what grows faith in us, and the language that God’s spirit uses to speak to us. There are many different types of ways that we can experience vision in our spirit with dreams being one of the main areas…if not the main area. All throughout the Bible we see the Holy Spirit using the language of dreams and vision to translate spiritual keys and rhema that can not be grasped by the conscious mind.

It’s so important that just like in the Bible, we allow God to speak through our dreams and communicate through vision. Presumptuously, we have tossed out dreaming as something childish, but there is hidden meaning in our dreams and more than ever in this moment of time, a special anointing to not only hear but incubate what He is speaking to our hearts.

In this seminar, Pastor Nathan Kassas will discuss biblical and spiritual principles for understanding the prophetic language of our dreams. We will discuss the difference between symbolism and realism in dreams, understanding the language of our heart through dreams, and learning how to decode what God is saying to us. We will also discuss, dreams that affect the future, present, and past; learning how to correctly pray about dreams and submit them back to the Holy Spirit and accountability, and much much more.

We encourage you to come to this eye opening seminar and learn how to understand this unique language of the spirit with maturity, true methods of testing, and the Holy Spirit’s guidance. It will be a time of uncovering, releasing, removing, and equipping.

Topics Include but are not limited to:

Session 1 – Understanding My Dreams
1. Dream Language
2. Learning about the Subconscious Mind
3. How do dreams form?
4. The scientific process of dreams
5. What Do My Dreams Mean?
6. Why do I Dream?

Session 2 – What is God saying through my dreams?
1. Prophetic Dream Language
2. Realism Vs. Symbolism
3. Biblical examples and understanding of dreams
4. Demonic Dreams
5. The Difference between Vision and Dreams
6. Correct Process for submitting dreams and visions
7. What is confirmation and what is revelation?
8. Developing a healthy dream life?
9. Prophetic Relationship To Dreams.

This session will be taught by Ps. Nathan Kassas

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