Our Story

In August of 2009, while accompanying their son Nathan while he was studying in New York,  Robyn and Tony Kassas began to feel a great burden for the city, especially its arts community.More of the members of the Sydney-based church began to sense the call of God to the city. 

In October and November that year, A small support group, from Sydney including Robyn and Tony’s daughter Christie, came over to New York.They began to open up their small apartment and soon people began to be saved and healed. Their lounge room was constantly filled with those seeking God.  Many of those visiting became friends and soon new believers in Christ! They began to pack their apartment regularly on Sundays and Monday nights. It became apparent that a new venue was needed as their meeting place.After much prayer, Tony and Robyn were convinced that God wanted them to pioneer a church in the heart of Manhattan  was both contemporary in its appeal and traditional in its core beliefs of the Gospel.  

So in December 2010, Times Of Refreshing Christian Center New York was birthed! As we grow and mature in all that God has for us, we are excited for the future and for the next steps of history to be written. There is no putting God in a box, so we don’t want to try and guess what’s next, but take this journey one step at a time — enjoying every step along the way.

You have a place to fulfill in actively making His-story.

Dr Robyn Kassas