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One of the most important foundations that we stand by at TORCC NY is that, “Everyone is a member”. This means that you have a place and a position — more than just warming a seat.

Our passion is to see everyone fulfill their destiny and calling. Because of this, we want to invite you to join us for a special time to connect and get plugged into the life of what God is doing throughout our church. Our church consists of people from all different walks of life that call our ministry home and we are excited to welcome those that feel a special calling by the Holy Spirit to become apart of our family.

So if you are interested in becoming apart of the mandate to which God has given us specifically, come along and hear Ps. Tony and key leadership share on our vision and what it means to be a contributing member within the family of our church.

Here you can learn the model of our specific church culture, what makes us unique, and how you can get plugged into the heart and various arms of our ministry. Also, we will be welcoming and honoring our new members with a special presentation to honor their commitment.

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