Special “Welcome Home” Service

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Every year around Summer time, we make room and set aside time to welcome our new family members. We consider it a privilege that these people have decided to call our church their home and join their vision with ours. To be committed in NYC is something that is rare and a treasure to be recognized and honored. We understand that in the age of “church hopping”, to be planted is an amazing thing and not only shows such a level of maturity and Christ like character, but also the real essence of what the being the body is about. Locking in helps you to unlock the full potential of all that God has, and we are excited to that these members have taken that step of commitment and are now family.

This is special service where we will recognize new members with membership certificates and a time of praying into their lives for God’s specific purpose. There will also be refreshments and a time for fellowship afterwards, so you don’t want to miss out.

We are inviting all our members and family, regardless of what service you attend, to join us and welcome into our church family these new members. Come worship, fellowship, and make them feel welcome.

** Please note, as this a combined service, our 11AM Service is cancelled and our 6:30PM service will be starting at 5:30PM. Also, the format of this service will be different from our regular services so please arrive early. There will be tea and coffee available before the service starts.

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