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Ps Tony Kassas

Tony was saved in the early eighties through TORCC, and is a long-standing member. Six years later he joined the leadership team just before his marriage to Robyn in 1989. Tony’s teaching ministry spans the Australian, South East Asian and North American continents, but he has also ministered in England, Israel and Kenya.He is a proven prophetic minister and teacher ministering the word of the Lord in prophecy to thousands of people over 25 years of ministry. Tony is able to help believers grasp the “Big Picture” regarding the Church in the last days. His insight into the ‘panoramic’ and ‘macroscopic’ events that are about to take place in the world and in the Church do much to prevent believers from being unprepared for the challenges and victories that will lead to the Second coming of Jesus!Tony wants everyone to experience what he calls ‘New Testament Church Dynamics’! This is the power, insight, and boldness that filled the early Church in the Book of Acts.It is the dynamic that the apostles took to every corner of their society. Tony is committed to restoring the same dynamic in our churches today. His ministry gifts include teaching, prophecy and governance.Tony established the ‘Community Assistance Team’ (CAT) in 2002 , which acts as a service to the underprivileged in Parramatta’s City Center. He also oversees the TORCC New York, ‘Humanitarian Emergency Relief Team’ (HERT), which collaborates with other churches and agencies as a first response relief group in the aftermath of natural disasters, supplying basic necessities to victims and their families.Tony also established “Visioncorp” a group of men and women with business interests who meet regularly to discuss how better to serve and inspire budding entrepreneurs in their endeavor to be excellent in the marketplace. He believes that by establishing credibility in the marketplace, Christians create a platform for the Gospel as they demonstrate the blessings that accompany righteousness in business ethics.Tony has written the three main Prophetic Stream Courses at the School of Apostles and Prophets, and acts as the apostolic and doctrinal overseer for the same.
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Ps Tony Kassas

The End Of An Era

It was last Sunday evening during the flow of our worship service that a word came from the Lord through Dr Robyn, telling us that the saints movement was now released. The time of individuals heading up or thrusting forward major moves of God is over. God said, He is now anointing His saints corporately to push forward the coming moves.

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