The End Of An Era

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Dr. Robyn and I wanted to discuss what God has been laying on our hearts this week, which we felt was connected in a significant way to the passing of Billy Graham.

It was last Sunday evening during the flow of our worship service that a word came from the Lord through Dr Robyn, telling us that the saints movement was now released.  The time of individuals heading up or thrusting forward major moves of God is over. God said, He is now anointing His saints corporately to push forward the coming moves.  Heaven released this corporate anointing some time ago, but it takes the church a long time to catch it and run with it. The power and anointing that we have gotten used to seeing manifest on certain individual leaders in healing, preaching, prophesying or evangelizing is now a thing of the past.  This was not done in an instant, and some individual vessels may hang on to the residual anointings, but overall the cloud has lifted. The ministry and grace of God was limited to Jesus while He was on earth, but after Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit, thousands of believers were doing what Jesus did.  And now in a similar fashion the corporate anointing over all the church has come. It is another type of Pentecost if you will.

We love and respect the ministries that have labored hard and gone before us as Elijah types – turning our hearts back to our Father – but unfortunately, most of these ministries (not Dr. Graham’s) suffer from the same pitfalls that the old prophet did.  Elijah’s big mistake was that he felt he was the only one left that God could use. God had to spell out to him that there were seven thousand faithful ones that were prepared to obey Him. Elijah actually did not finish what he was commanded by the Lord to do. By going to Elisha and anointing him first, Elijah was essentially reversing God’s order so as to prepare for his own premature departure.

It just so happens that Elijah’s apprentice – Elisha – hung around prophetic groups more than Elijah did.  Elisha was always around people, usually his peers. Elisha got double the anointing but directed it to help others more than himself.  Elijah was strong, but too individual – Elisha was stronger and more corporate. Strong leadership will always be necessary in the church, but strong leadership does not mean concentrated leadership.  The best leader aims for and draws out the best in his/her followers. Moses was strong, but his leadership centralized. Joshua was stronger and his leadership broader.

Peter and the apostles were all very strong leaders, but the book of acts shows us a church that leaned heavily on certain leaders, but these same leaders encouraged the whole church to step up and do what they did.

God has moved so graciously and powerfully through Billy Graham and we were so blessed and better for it.  There is no other like him. No one should try and be another ‘Graham’. But respectfully, his passing is a sign of an end of an era.  Concentrated individual styles and anointings is over. From now on there will be less connection of one name to one ministry. The team now takes center stage. The name of the team is the one that is remembered.  The team ministers the gospel and does the miracles. The team gets the honor and the team carries the failures. God no longer uses a champion, but rather a champion team. A champion team may not have the highest qualified or paid individuals but still produce the winning dynamic.  Why? – Because they ALL rely on each other corporately to do their part.

The Church is coming into this now.    It is now the disciples who will be the stars.

It is prayer and humility that the Lord will honor.  It is obedience to the word of Lord that will bring the victory.  With this in mind, the saints have learned over the last 20 years or so, their spiritual authority as the legislators of the will of God on earth.  Decrees and declarations are being pronounced from the very Throne of the Most High, by the redeemed members of His Body. These declarations transform the spiritual atmosphere covering individuals and cities.  In turn, the earthly atmosphere also transforms. This principle especially works best when the office of prophets are involved. Declarations of prophets must not be taken lightly anymore. If we do not head the words or follow the directives, the Lord will silence the prophetic voice once more!  For us to reap the rewards of the prophets, we need to heed their revelations.

God is raising an army of legislative soldiers. But this army has arisen from the dry dust of a different valley – the valley of dead religion that has plagued the church and the world for far too long.  Like Ezekiel’s army, the voice of prophecy has awakened the saints from the dead religion and they now stand – albeit, waiting for the Spirit’s infilling. The second breath not only resuscitates the soldiers but it also positions them, not braking rank.  Each one knows his weapons of war. Each one knows what their call is. Each one has a unrelenting resolve for the victory won and the victory executed. Its now not how I get the ministry but how we do the ministry. That’s the ministry of the saints. They do the miracles.

As leaders, Dr. Robyn and I have pleasure in seeing our people do as we do and even better.  But this does not come about by just studying theology or attending courses and seminars (this is very important though).  It comes by empowering grace. God’s power of transformation. Transforming self-centered individuals into others- centered team players.  What’s best for the team takes the precedence, and what is best for the Lord is what’s best for the team.

We honor the memory of our brother in Christ Dr. Billy Graham, but be aware Church, the era of that type of ministry is over.  There are no heroes but Jesus

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