Don’t Abort The Vision!

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“Shall I bring to the birth, and not cause to bring forth? saith the LORD: Shall I cause to bring forth, and shut the womb?” saith thy God.” Isaiah 66:9

While recording this week’s Portals episode, Holy Spirit revealed the difference between aborting a vision and the death of a vision. WE abort the vision because we don’t believe in it but GOD will bring the death of vision if there is too much of us in it. As Holy Spirit was downloading this to me during the Portals recording, I felt I needed to unpack it further in this blog. 

When we receive a promise from God, we usually respond one of two ways: we rush in and try to make it happen or we laugh and say it couldn’t possibly happen. 

Both responses are based totally on our works and circumstances. If God has to work with circumstances then He must be subject to them, and we know that He is not. So I want to set you free today by revealing the truth about the promises of God. They are completely His work from conception, through incubation and finally birth. It is a miracle just like the miracle of human birth. 

Sometimes we hear a word and begin to speak it out straight away. We think we are stepping out in faith, but what we are actually doing is trying to convince ourselves and convince God and convince whoever needs to be convinced that “I’m worth this”. But faith is too much associated with works. Faith starts with God and He matures it over time. Time is God’s servant in His promises. He dominates it. He controls it. He loves it.

Holy Spirit is always at work to fulfil the vision. When we are tempted to abort the vision prematurely, we need to remember Who’s vision it is. We need to respect the process because in that process—especially the incubation period—everything the vision needs to survive is being added. Only God knows what that vision needs. See we think we know what needs to be done to see God’s vision come about and so we begin to add this to the vision and add that to the vision. We always want to skip ahead. When our works do not produce the vision, (in fact, they hold it up) the devil gets in our ear and tells us, “See, God really didn’t say that. You should quit. Just give up. All this work was for nothing.” And so, we abort the vision. 

But the truth is, if we allow incubation to run its full course and allow God to use time to add skin, bones, nails, organs, etc. (Ezekiel 37), then when the time for full term delivery comes it won’t matter who says what about it! You believe it! Not because you worked at it, but because Holy Spirit has grown the vision in you over time. You are now fully convinced that God will finish what HE started. That HE will do everything He said HE would do through you. 

I think we need to take inventory of all the words we have been given and ask Holy Spirit to show us where we’ve aborted promises that we tried to deliver prematurely.

Now there are also times when God needs to put the vision to death because there is too much of us in it. One such example was Abraham with Isaac. Between the promise of a great nation and Isaac’s birth, Abraham and Sarah had done quite a bit of ‘work’ to make it happen. So, God needed to see if Abraham was ready to let Him be God and surrender what he believed to be the only way the promise of many nations would be fulfilled – Isaac. Will Abraham finally trust Me with My word? Or does he still think he needs to help Me? Something did indeed die that day at the altar on Mt Moriah – Abraham’s vision. What was resurrected was God’s Vision – pure and untainted by man’s works. 

So, I want to encourage you in whatever stage you are in to trust God with the timing and the fulfillment of the vision. Maybe you are in the conception stage: allow Holy Spirit to lead you into incubation and don’t try to rush ahead. Maybe you’ve already aborted a vision: give it back to God Who is able to resurrect it. Maybe you are thinking about aborting a vision: it’s never too late to give Holy Spirit room. Maybe He might have to bring death to it but remember He is also able to resurrect it to the pure, untainted life it was sent forth to do.   

Be Blessed!

Dr Robyn Kassas

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