My Skin Cleared Up!

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I have struggled with adult acne for quite some time. As I went to the Lord he showed me that there was more than just chemical and hormonal things involved but that it was just as much spiritual. The Lord began to reveal deep seated things in my emotions to do with rejection from the past and other emotional ties and strongholds. After receiving multiple freedom sessions I began to see my skin clear up like never before. This was without any crazy skin care regiment or routine — I just let the Holy Spirit do it! He began to free me from demonic oppression in my soul to do with rejection from my past and set me free.

I have begun to walk in so much more freedom emotionally and really start to see my true identity and womanhood in Christ come forward. I’m embracing my daughterhood like never before and old cycles are breaking in my mind, emotions, and life. The real break through is the freedom that I am living in everyday, and as a result of this freedom, the evidence is my skin has totally cleared up.

Thanks to the Freedom team at TORCC NY, you are trully helping the body of Christ to walk into more than just an experience of freedom but a lifestyle. So Thankful!!!

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